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Trailer: 'Boundaries'

Christopher Plumnmer and Lewis MacDougall in the plastic-weed grow room in "Boundaries."

Christopher Plummer plays an aging pot dealer in Shana Freste's Boundaries, which is being released in theaters by Sony Pictures Classics on June 22. When Jack (Plummer) is tossed out of his assisted living complex for smoking pot, he turns to his estranged daughter for help. 

Laura (Bates Motel's Vera Farmiga) decides it would be best for Jack to move from Seattle to Los Angles to live with his other daughter, JoJo (Kristen Schaal). A road trip ensues with Jack, Laura, her shy son Henry (Lewis MacDougall) and a bunch of dogs. Unbeknownst to Laura, they make several stops to deliver Jack's homegrown to old chronies played Peter Fonda and Christopehr Lloyd. The goal is to raise money for Henry's private school.

Boundaries is a family story with weed as the MacGuffin. It's really about the breakdown between father and daughter. The road trip serves as way to repair that. And the weed? Jack takes few puffs and Fonda sucks on a vape pen. Jack's grow room is of the typical plastic variety seen in movies. But there are what looks like a few real nugs on display in several scenes.

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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