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Jake Johnson Smokes a Joint in 'Let's Be Cops'

Jake Johnson ("New Girl") and Damon Wayans Jr. play fake police officers in "Let's Be Cops," which opens Aug. 13. In one scene, Johnson grabs a joint from three dudes who are smoking on the sidewalk and hits it.

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'Mile High' Trailer and Poster

Similar to the recently-released "Evergreen," set in Washington State, "Mile High: The COmeback of Cannabis" traces the road to legalization in Colorado. The pot doc opens July 8 in Denver.

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'Evergreen: The Road to Legalization'

A year and a half after the historic vote to legalize marijuana in Washington State comes "Evergreen: The Road to Legalization," a documentary about the hard-fought battle to pass I-502.

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'Don Peyote' Trailer and Poster

What's sure to be one of the wildest movies of the year, "Don Peyote" stars Dan Fogler as a paranoid stoner who goes off the deep end while trying to save the world from the Apocalypse.

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'Kid Cannabis' Trailer and Poster

The first true stoner movie of 2014 arrives just in time for 4/20. "Kid Cannabis" is a true story about a group of Idaho friends who start smuggling pot from Canada into the U.S.

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