Insys Pharmaceuticals' Subsys Rap Video

Disgraced and convicted, Insys Pharmaceuticals used this video to encourage doctors to prescribe their fentanyl spray Subsys. Five Insys executives, including founder and former CEO John Kapoor, were found guilty of a racketeering conspiracy on May 2 after a 10-week trial in Boston federal court. The video was shown by the prosecution as an example of Insys' wanton efforts to lure customers to its addictive opioid product.

Two male rappers open the video with the chorus:

I love titration, yet it's not a problem

I got new patients and I got a lot of them

In the first verse, they rap:

2015 let me begin

Insys Therapeuticals, that's our name

We're raising the bar and changing the game

What we built here can't be debated

While the competitors are just making noise

We're making history because we're great by choice

Then the Subys character - a spray device - appears:

I'm the baddest, I was created in a lab

My delivery is giving me 38% of the industry

I'm built to last y'all

Can't get rid of me, not even be sick of me

This ain't no fight at all

If you're trying to ball

I'll substitute you like you was Xylitol

Insys contributed $500,000 to help defeat Prop 205, the marijuana legalization initiative in Arizona, in 2016. Insys is based in Chandler, AZ. Kapoor and the four others are facing 20-year sentences.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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