Watch 'Dope State' Season One, Episodes 1-6

"Dope State" creator Gabriel Sunday also appeared in "Year One" and "Taking Woodstock."

Fans of stoner TV shows like WorkaholicsDisjointed and High Maintenance should check out Dope State, Gabriel Sunday's hilarious web series at YouTube. All six episodes are posted below.

Sunday plays freelance journalist Tyler Gopnik, who covers the cannabis scene in California. The episodes are written by Sunday and Max Kopelowicz and directed by Sundy and Casey Rup.

According to Variety, "The series is financed and produced by Route One Entertainment alongside Starburns Industries, Sunday’s The Sunday Show and Michael Garcia’s Blackbees Television Company."

Here's our episode guide:

Ep. 1: Tree Jizz & TazzyDabz

Sunday's multiple roles include Birdman Greene, who launches the canna-bev Tree Jizz, and TazzyDabz, a trans-female rapper/influencer.


Ep. 2: No Country for Old Hippie 

Tyler hangs with traditional weed dealer Cooter (Dan Harmon) and boomer couple Martin (Sunday) and Journey Rose (Linda Walton).


Ep. 3: Silicon Valley

Tyler meets tech whiz Elon Shparker (a goof on Elon Musk and Sean Parker played by Entourage's Adrian Grenier), who gets him high on holographic weed.


Ep. 4: Revolution

Tyler makes signs for a pot rally, gets activist advice from Jeff "The Dude" Dowd and visits a women-run dispensary, plus Birdman and Tazzy Dabz return from Episode 1.


Ep. 5: D.A.D.D.Y.

Best Episode: Tyler investigates Marcus Wilkerson (Sunday), who runs the parents' anti-drug group, D.A.D.D.Y. 


Ep. 6

Tyler's women's episode turns into an excuse to try to date one (Avital Ash).


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