'SNL' Stoner Sketch 2021: 'I'm a Weed Gummy'

Season 46, Episode 12 of Saturday Night Live features "The Negotiator," a sketch starring Pete Davidson and Aidy Bryant as blue weed gummies. It starts with host Regina King responding to a police call. Mikey Day has a hostage on a roof. King tells her partner Bowen Yang she ate the evidence in the car, which were weed gummies. During the negotiation, she hallucinates and sees Davidson and Bryant on the roof. Then Marge Simpson (Melissa Villaseñor) shows up, as the duo repeats, "I'm a weed gummy/ I'm a, I'm a, I'm a weed gummy."

Pete Davidson and Aidy Bryant as weed gummies in "The Negotiator" sketch

It's a fun concept that ranks with CelebStoner's Seven Stoniest SNL Sketches of All Time.

In 2020, Davidson starred in the stoner comedy, The KIng of Staten Island


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