Seth Rogen's Educational Video for Stoners

The first in a series of Houseplant's comical educational videos for stoners has been posted at Twitter by Seth Rogen. Houseplant is Rogen and his business partner Evan Goldberg's cannabis brand.

Today's lesson, says Rogen, is "understanding portion control."

In the video, a women hits a joint and then runs to the bathroom suffering a panic attack.

Rogen: "Does this look familiar to you? In many ways, cannabis is unlike anything on the planet, full of mystery and wonder. In other ways, cannabis is exactly like other things on the planet in that not everyone requires the same amount for it to work properly. If you don't ingest cannabis regularly or haven't ingested it in a while you may prefer less cannabis than you think.

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"So we have some advice: Start slow. Take one hit. And by hit we mean a deep inhale of cannabis. Then get your phone or egg timer and set an alarm for 15 minutes. When your time goes off, see how you feel. If you're not excruciatingly tired or having a panic attack, maybe have another hit. Or don't. It's better to underdo it than overdo it. We here at Houseplant want you to have the best possible experience with cannabis, even if that mean ingesting less of it."

Rogen advises: "Start slow. Take one hit. And by hit we mean a deep inhale of cannabis."

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