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Stephen Colbert: Worrying About Weed

On the Oct. 8 edition of "The Colbert Report," host Stephen Colbert sounded his alarm about the rising tide of marijuana legalization that's sweeping the nation.

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Missing: Willie Nelson's Armadillo

Willie Nelson wants his armadillo mascot back. A woman caught on camera stole the stuffed creature, Ol' Dillo, right off the stage after Nelson's show at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York Thursday night.

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'The Daily Show': Hash Boat

On "The Daily Show" segment, "S.S. Puf'n Stuff," a very high Al Madrigal reports on "drug smugglers setting fire to 50 million pounds of hashish off the coast of Italy."

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Drugs in the Movies

One of the hit viral videos of the moment, "Drugs in the Movies," by Robert Jones, features snippets from more than 100 movies. We list about half of them. Can you name the rest?

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Strain Hunters Go to Colombia

Vice travels to Colombia with Arjan Roskam, Franco Loja and Amsterdam's Green House crew in search of rare land race marijuana strains and their seeds.

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