Tommy Chong 'Feels the Bern' for Sanders

In a video produced to show his support for Bernie Sanders, Tommy Chong calls the Vermont Senator and presidential candidate the "Commander in Kush," and encourages voters to "light up for progress and change."

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Hot Pot Product: Ghostface Killah's Wu Goo

Add Wu Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah to the growing list of celebrities looking to cash in on legal weed. He's hawking three flavors of "Wu Goo." "You don't gotta roll up no more," the rapper hypes. "This is about to kick the blunt's ass."

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The Adventures of 'Stoner Sloth'

The State of New South Wales in Australia is under fire for its series of "Stoner Sloth" anti-drug ads, depicting a sloth as a human who's unable to complete basic tasks like passing a salt shaker at a dinner table with its huge claws.

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'Live in the Garden' with Mendo Dope

Known for growing enormous outdoor pot plants in California's Mendocino County, Mendo Dope also performs as a hip-hop group. Their latest album was recorded "Live in the Garden," surrounded by massive ready-to-harvest colas. Check out their video.

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Colbert Weighs in on Marijuana Legalization in Ohio

Stephen Colbert's first-ever marijuana segment on "The Late Show" zeroed in on the effort to legalize pot in Ohio. "This is a big deal," he said. "You expect the Mary Jane to be legal in Oregon or Washington or Colorado. But Ohio?"

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